Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I don't know how I did it!

I read a book recently titled "I don't know how she does it!" by Allison Pearson. In the book, Pearson dramatises the dilemma of working motherhood in today's hectic society. Here is a woman, Kate, who is 'doing it all.' On the outside she looks completely competent and at ease with juggling the demands of work and life, but in reality she is struggling to keep up, and life becomes a game of deception.

While I am not a mother, in the last few months I have found my self thinking about and relating to this fictitious character more and more. The reason being is that I started my new job earlier this year. This is the first time in two years that I am back in the routine of working 9-5 and trying to fit in life around my job. Adding to this stress is that I still have my Masters to complete and with seven months to go before we leave Copenhagen, I have an ever growing bucket-list of things I want to do. But I am exhausted. I went out to dinner on Friday night and I had to leave at 10pm because I couldn't keep my eyes open. The next day I had to take an afternoon nap, so I could see through the evening past 11pm at another party - that's not right, I'm 28 years old, not 78, what is wrong with me!

It makes me look back at the person I was before coming to Denmark and wonder how I did it! I worked hard and long hours, I had an active social life, I cooked, cleaned, ironed, exercised and studied. And I managed all this without having nanna-naps on the weekends to see me through.

But I know I'm just going through a period of adjustment and I'll come out of it in good time. Sometimes I think us women need to lower our expectations of ourselves. We are our own worst enemy when it comes to putting on the pressure to make sure everything is perfect and that we are doing everything for everyone (except ourselves). It doesn't always have to be like that, we don't have to be perfect!

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