Sunday, March 3, 2013

Skiing the French Alps

2600m - on top of the world!

To say I was a little anxious about our recent ski holiday to France would be an understatement. The last time I went skiing, I was taken off the mountain by the ski ambulance after breaking my leg and ankle which resulted in spending five days in hospital, having two operations and enduring almost six months on crutches. Needless to say, the memory of my last ski holiday is seared into my brain, never to be forgotten.

The beautiful town of Avoriaz.

While the flashbacks of my accident had subsided, the fear and anxiety remained. But I do love skiing and as the saying goes "you have to get back on the horse". So after three years away from the snow, it was time to strap on the boots and click into the skies. With the addition of a helmet this time (just to be on the safe side with my disastrous track record) I was ready and rearing to go.

The only way to get around town.

J and I went to the beautiful ski village of Avoriaz where the only transport is horse and sleigh and you have access to 650km of powder. It was amazing. It snowed non-stop for four days making visibility a bit difficult, but we had a great time - you don't get chest deep powder like that in Australia. It also made me a little less nervous about hurting myself because if you fell it was like falling onto a mountain of pillows - it was so soft.

And the best part was that I came away unscathed! Yay for me!

Skiing through the glades.