Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'm Back...

It has been way too long since I wrote a blog post - I apologize. It has been a surprisingly busy few months - something this 'housewife' has become (uncharacteristically) unused to.

I have been studying for my Masters which I began this year, I trained and completed my first Marathon, pursued and gained a great freelance (part-time) job and managed a trip back to Australia to see friends and family.

J and I have been busily planning our trip of a life-time - following the Tour de France in July this year. This in itself is almost a full-time job and has been a logistical nightmare, but one we are really enjoying.

We have also celebrated J's 30th birthday. To mark this milestone turning of age we are jumping out of a plane next weekend. I can't wait to go skydiving, J on the other hand is a little more apprehensive - I think it is his old age!

This gives you a little bit of an idea about what is to come on Wife and Baggage to Follow. So stay tuned, I promise I will be posting again soon.

Miss H

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  1. Enuf with the excuses Miss H - get blogging!