Monday, September 19, 2011

London Calling

I feel as though I should have an excuse for my blogging laziness, but all I can think to say in my defence is that, "I've been busy". Of course, busy is a relative concept - for me, it used to mean a full day of work, appointments and all the many other things I had going on in my life. Now, "busy" means that I either have visitors or that I have two things on my To Do list for that day :)

I have been very lucky to have my mum and step-dad visiting here and while they went on a cruise of the Baltic states, J and I took a spontaneous trip to London. Almost everyone I know has already been to England and I always wondered why it attracted so many Aussies. Whatever the reason, I was keen to experience some of it for myself such as the changing of the guard, Westminster Abbey and London Tower.

In addition to checking out all the sites, I really enjoyed immersing myself in the buzz of a big city. I loved seeing the stylish set in Chelsea and the grunge-y fashion in Whitechapel (near Brick Lane). London has this funky ease about it - I loved it, I wanted to stay!

We got around mostly by bicycle. But warning, it's not for the faint of heart! I'm so glad that J and I are now used to riding in traffic after nearly a year of cycling in Copenhagen. The obvious benefit of riding over catching the Tube is that we were able to see many more sights than we could have otherwise (and often by accident, such as when we stumbled on the Tate British Museum which then led us to stumble on the ferry to the Tate Modern - very convenient I must say).

We caught up with friends from home and also spent the day with J's brother who recently moved there. But I have to say the highlight was going to see The Phantom of the Opera on West End. I love musicals and to see an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical in London was a dream come true.

Four days was definitely not long enough, but I know we'll be back.

Loving the traditional red telephone boxes, and standing outside Buckingham Palace

Outside of Harrods and at the Tower of London

London Tower Bridge

P.S. I have included more photos of our trip to London on the 'Photos Page'.

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