Thursday, May 26, 2011

Outrageous - Vegemite banned in Denmark

I woke up this morning to discover some devastating news - the sale of Vegemite is now officially banned in Denmark!!! Seriously Denmark, Australians don't have much that we consider part of our ingrained nationality and culture, but Vegemite is most certainly one of them - it is like our national food. It is the one thing that most Australians will pack in their suitcase when going overseas because one bite takes you straight back home. It just makes you feel good, it's comforting.

In 2004 the Danish government banned the sale of food products with added vitamins. Vegemite managed to escape their notice for seven years but it has been found and now banned.  I have to say that it was never easy to come by here in the first place but it is the principle of the matter that makes me angry. The Brits are equally as affected because Marmite has also been pulled.

I would have assumed having food fortified with vitamins was a good thing. We as a society are constantly being bombarded with messages to eat better, get more vitamins in your diet - apparently not in Denmark. Also you rarely come across someone who is not Australian who can actually stomach eating Vegemite, it is an acquired taste to say the least. I think only Australians are born with the ability to eat and like Vegemite. I don't know what the government is worried about, Danes will not be eating it - just let us poor homesick foreigners have this one thing.

All I can say is that I am glad I have about one year's worth of Vegemite in the cupboard and I will be requesting more of it in future care packages.

I am still looking for a job, maybe I could start selling small packages of Vegemite on the black market, judging on the number of Aussie here I could make a fortune!

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