Sunday, March 27, 2011

Oh My God I am a Housewife

I have never really been one of those girls who grow up dreaming of the day when I would stand at the threshold waving goodbye to my husband as he trots off to work, leaving me to make 'house'. I think the thing that terrified me the most about J's job was that I knew that it meant that on and off throughout our life, I will be that woman - the stay at home wife.

It has been four months now since I have worked and for the first three of those months I really struggled with fact that I was no longer contributing to the partnership financially. J always jokes that he would love to swap with me - that he would be happy being a 'house husband'. I think that is because he seems to be able to get endless hours of amusement out of the playstation, the internet and other gadgets. And he can seemingly sit for hours drinking endless espressos in cute cafes. Needless to say, I can't.

I do wonder whether my reluctance to stay at home alone stems from being an only child. On the one hand I am accustomed to having to amuse myself, but I also crave the company of others. For me, the daily interaction with the supermarket checkout chick just doesn't cut it.

But lately I have found myself secretly enjoying the life of a housewife without children. I have found the Danish version of Aerobics Oz-style (matching outfits and all) which I do every morning and I have my household chores timed perfectly between Oprah and Dr Phil. My afternoons are spent shopping for dinner and going to new areas of the city. The realisation of being a housewife hit me last week when I spent two hours searching for a pumpkin!

I bake cakes, make J a packed lunch every day, arrange flowers for the table and even iron my sheets - my mother would be so proud (but perhaps every other feminist wouldn't)!  This is my new job - and I don't do things by halves.

Stepford Wives, eat your heart out!

"Portrait of the Housewife as a young woman", Miss H, 2011.

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  1. OMG - You're living the life I want! LOL
    I am one of those women the feminist hate - I want nothing more than to get married, quit my day job and have loads of babies... I'd love to have my hubby come home to a clean house, dinner on the table. :)
    Live it up girlfriend! :)