Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Moving’s a bitch!

After two false starts and two months in a hotel J and I finally moved into our new apartment.

When asked by J’s work whether we wanted a furnished or unfurnished apartment, J and I thought that as we were now in the land of great design we wanted to play. After receiving 68 boxes with our stuff from Australia and a multitude of flat-packed furniture I did have a moment where I thought to myself ‘what the hell were we thinking’.

That moment came when I was trying to assemble a wooden stool so I could reach the very tall cupboards, that the very tall Danes have everywhere in their homes. After trying for an hour to screw the legs on this stupid thing, I gave up.  At the end of that day, all I had was a half finished stool and a massive wooden splinter in my ass – literally! And it fricking hurt and took me another fricking hour to get out.

I really hate it when things defeat me. I’m not normally a quitter, especially when it comes to the things that are normally considered “men’s” jobs. But this time, with a sore wood splintered butt and a sore hand from the immovable screws I had to reluctantly hand this job over to J.

And the moving trials and tribulations get worse – the spare bed arrived (ours doesn’t for another six weeks) but not the mattress. So we assembled the bed and put the mattress we had been loaned on the frame. I got on and all was fine, then J got on and went straight through the bed and slammed onto the floor. FYI - the Danes don’t put slats on their beds and as a consequence we are still sleeping on the floor and will be for quite some time. We're still trying to figure out what we are going to do there - hopefully the mattress that does arrive has some kind of inbuilt slat system (one can only hope - if not I apologise to any potential guests now).

I think that moving to a place with no furniture is like the proverbial chicken and the egg conundrum – you can’t buy the furniture without seeing the apartment but if you wait until you move into an apartment to buy the furniture you have none - well for at least six to eight weeks and then what do you do? You end up like us – sleeping on the floor, eating on an outdoor setting in your living room and moving your lamp from one room to the other because the Danes seem to have an aversion to over hanging lights. Oh and that stool, the pain in the ass one is now our coffee table.

Miss H

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