Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Full-time job (hunting)

I always had the intention of gaining employment while in Copenhagen, but I am ashamed to say that after almost three months of being a bona fide housewife, the motivation to do so is waning.

I am possibly being a little critical of myself - moving overseas and setting up house is no easy feat and it does take time to adjust. In my mind, we still have only just arrived and I have plenty of time for work. Also, I have been subtly and sometimes not-so-subtly dropping the 'I'm unemployed and looking for a job' line with almost everyone we meet. So this has made me feel like I am doing something towards finding gainful employment.

I did though have a proactive moment last week when I arranged a meeting with an organisation called Work in Denmark.  Work in Denmark offers a very useful advisory service to foreigners. After two hours of ripping my resume and cover letter to shreds, I came out surprisingly motivated to get the job application ball rolling.

Today was the first time since arriving that I actually sat down and started applying for jobs.  I had almost forgotten what a shitty process it is. For starters, only around 10% of the jobs here are for english speakers, and 70% of those jobs are already 'filled' before advertising. Advertising the job is just a formality. Even so, I whole-heartedly applied for five jobs that I hope I am at least considered for. Now the waiting game for responses begins...

Back at it again tomorrow, job hunting feels like a full-time job.

Miss H

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