Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tip 1 for visiting Copenhagen in winter - rubber soled boots

I have spent much of my first week in Copenhagen wandering the streets acquainting myself with the city and all it has to offer.  I thought that whenever I discover something new and helpful I might share it for the interest and education of those who may travel to Denmark in the future.

Tip number one - rubber soled boots (preferably with very big tread).  The Danes keep telling us that the snow we are experiencing is very uncommon - they then wryly follow up with 'but it was also like this last year, oh and also the year before and the year before that'.  I think they should give up and just admit to the rest of the world that this is Scandinavia and it is cold and with cold comes snow.  Don't worry Denmark, we won't turn around and go home because of a little snow (in fact I love it).

I had my very first stack today and of course it was on a main road for all the world to see. I haven't really had cause to study the soles of my shoes/boots before, but I now know after effectively ice skating my way around the city that I don't own any rubber soled shoes that can be worn in the snow, only leather, which by the way, has no grip what-so-ever on the white fluffy stuff.

I did however, came a little more prepared than J did, who packed canvas shoes.  Although they looked cool, after about 10 minutes, his feet were soaking wet and he was freezing.  First stop - shoe shop for a pair of what I call romper stomper boots.  J is set - I on the other had am in the process of getting all my boots re-soled.

I have however, seen a great pair of fleecy lined wedge boots that I absolutely must have and the bruise on knee is proof that they are absolutely warranted and definitely needed for my safety.

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