Monday, December 6, 2010

Home sweet bloody freezing home

We have arrived!!!  It is a little bit hard to believe that six weeks ago we were in Canberra going about our daily routine not knowing where we were to be posted and when.

Copenhagen (well actually most of Europe) has put on lovely weather for us - there is snow everywhere and it is bloody freezing.  It took J and I about three days to figure out how many layers of thermals to put under our clothes before we could feel somewhat comfortable outside.

Mainly we have been spending our days checking out the suburbs, getting a feel of where we would like to live.  You know you are not on holiday when your priority is to check out the local supermarket to see if you could complete your weekly shop in one stop.

The wandering around has also been great for people watching.  I still find it amazing that every country has its bogans.  I do not know how some of these guys don't literally freeze their testicles off with their pants around their ankles.  Just another reminder that most of us suffer for fashion in some way or another even if that fashion is extremely questionable.  I suffer for fashion with my high heels.  I am learning though that they are not the most sensible style of foot wear with the combination of ice, snow and cobblestones here in Denmark.  I may have to reassess.

Now, the locals keep telling us that it doesn't usually snow here and it is extremely rare to have a white Christmas.  I think they are only telling us this to make us feel better about coming here from an Australian summer.  It doesn't matter to me, I relish in the thought of having a romantic white Christmas.  And the snow is just another excuse (not that I ever really need one) to go shopping - because Australian winter clothes just don't cut it over here.

It was J's first day at work today and therefore, my first day amusing myself in this foreign city now called home.  After spending three hours walking around the city I returned to our serviced apartment and spent most of the afternoon ironing.  Yay - what fun a housewife has.  The most exciting part of the day was when I remembered I don't have to cook tonight - we are being treated to a night out by the boss!

Apartment hunting tomorrow - I can't wait to get out of this serviced apartment - it has only been 5 days but I am already starting to go crazy.

I will upload some photos soon of this beautiful city.

Miss H

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