Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Economy check-in is row three.

That was the way J and I were greeted at check-in at Singapore International Airport.  It was actually put more bluntly by the man behind the counter 'are you the right class?' Not something one is normally asked. 'Yes' we replied, 'Are you sure? This is Business class, economy check-in is row three'.

We are lucky enough with J's work to fly business class but obviously after traipsing around Singapore for the past 14 hours we did not look like we belonged at that counter.

We had a two day stop over in Singapore before heading on to Copenhagen.  As most do now-a-days we booked out hotel over the internet.  It was 4 star, looked really cool and funky and was in a great location - sold!  Bloody good photography is all I can say; our rooms was nice and funky but it was also only 16 sqm - not much space to move - actually no space to even put our bags down, they had to go in the bathroom. Oh well, good thing we weren't planning on spending much time in our hotel room.

The first day we managed to fill with the obligatory tourist activities - mainly shopping.  Today was a little different, we checked out of the hotel at 11.00am but our flight didn't leave until 1.00am.  We managed to spend five hours at the Raffles Hotel, two of which we spent having high tea and three spent in the long bar drinking Singapore Slings - a great way to spend the afternoon/early evening.  Nine hours after check-out we thought the concierge might be wondering if we would ever return for our bags so we packed up and shipped out.

J kept announcing that he was bored shitless - there is a finite number of ways to amuse yourself at the airport for hours on end.  We have taken off to our final destination - Copenhagen.

No return ticket!

Enjoying my Singapore Sling.

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