Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We have now entered 30 years of debt

J and I always intended on buying a property before we went on post, but we thought that would be in one or two years time.

We had been seriously looking at apartments for three months - sometimes attending 11 open homes in four hours but we could never find somewhere we wanted to live (mainly because I thought there was never enough wardrobe space).  We found out we had been posted on a Wednesday and by the Saturday we had put an offer on an apartment and been accepted.

We have now settled, picked up the keys, furnished it and entered the new exciting and daunting world of property investment.  We cracked the whip, made annoying daily (if not five times daily) phone calls but we did it!

Apartment bought - tick.
Packing and goodbyes to come!

One week until we leave.

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