Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Goodbyes are never easy

From the time we were told we were posted, the goodbyes began.  I had already booked a week long holiday back home (Hobart) as good friends of mine and J's were getting married and others were having an engagement party.

Little did I know that when I booked these flights that this holiday would turn into my goodbyes.  I was lucky because all my girlfriends had also travelled for the engagement so for the first time in almost a year we were all in the same place at the same time - I miss my girls already!

This trip was also meant to be my final goodbye to mum - but in a sneaky mum way, I had two more goodbyes after that one which was lovely.

When in a situation like this, you find out that parents really will do anything to say goodbye to their children.  Dad was meant to be overseas and he postponed all flights and came done to Canberra from Sydney for the night which was fantastic.

When J and I went to the airport in Sydney yesterday to fly out we had exhausted all our goodbyes - no more.

Now it is hello Singapore and in a couple of days - hello new home Copenhagen.

Zero days to go - we are on the plane!

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